Mastering Agency Change

2-Day Classroom Workshop, with Train-the-Trainer

Leadership is about making change for the better. Just holding the reins of an agency and keeping on the old course may be good administration, but not leadership. This course reveals why 70% of change efforts in organizations fail. It also offers an eight-stage process for insuring success in leading change.
Specific Course Learning Objectives Include:

  • Reveal the overall pattern for organizational operation
  • Show the connectedness of the parts and why multiple alignments are required if change is to stick
  • Illustrate the eight common errors in change efforts
  • Teach the eight stages of success

The MAT Team will teach this course for your agency trainers and others to be certified so they can teach Mastering Agency Change for your agency. After conducting the two-day workshop, MAT will immediately provide a train-the-trainer session for agency trainers and certify them. Your agency will receive a MAT CD with all the PowerPoint slides, overheads, workbook, and facilitator guide so that you are ready to begin offering this course to your agency. There is no charge for MAT time.

For more information about scheduling a session of this webinar for your agency, please contact Amanda Myers.