Mastering Emotional Intelligence (EI) Competencies

Emotional intelligence is part nature and part nurture. It consists of the synergistic actions of the emotional part of our brains working together with the cognitive part of our brains. We are genetically predisposed to certain emotional and cognitive skills, but we also develop certain emotional and cognitive skills. This course will focus on how to ‘master’ the learned set of foundational skills that will allow you to ‘succeed’ in work and in life. In other words, we will focus on the set of skills and competencies that allow the achievement of goals, all based on the assumptions that we are social and emotional beings and we live in a social world.

To develop these skills requires that you learn and apply the knowledge, skills, and attitudes contained within this course. You may already know and demonstrate many of these skills – in that case, your task is to focus on how you can do so more consistently.

Learning Objectives

This course is designed so you will:

  • Learn what Emotional Intelligence is and how it relates to work and life
  • Gain a greater awareness of your own ‘EQ’
  • Obtain ideas to develop your EQ
  • Build your confidence and ability
  • Understand how relationships and communication impact on work and life
  • Generate a plan for self-development


The facilitator of this workshop has been certified by The Emotional Intelligence Training Company (EITC). For more information about scheduling a session of this workshop for your agency, please contact Amanda Myers