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Staffed by the Management Assistance Team, The National Conservation Leadership Institute (NCLI) is one of the most far-reaching professional development initiatives ever undertaken within the natural resource conservation community. The Institute provides an unparalleled experience at the right moment in history for developing extraordinary leaders from natural resource organizations. Established in 2005, the Institute is an intensive, nine-month, world-class leadership development program offered annually to a select group of thirty-six professionals from natural resource-related organizations within state and federal government, tribes, NGOs, or industry.

The NCLI is also more than a leadership development experience or program. At its heart are the participants (Fellows), staff (MAT Team), faculty, sponsors, and board members who are deeply committed to each other’s success in protecting the natural resource conservation legacy in the United States. Identified by their nominating organizations as “high potentials”, the Institute is referred to by many as a type of leadership “boot camp”, necessary for honing a cutting edge in the skills needed for those who will be filling the empty seats left by retiring baby boomers and leading natural resource conservation into the future.

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