Visionary Leadership (VL-101)

6-week Online Course

Course Fee: $90 (Invoiced to students during the first week of classes)

Required Text: Visionary Leadership by Burt Nanus, Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1992

This six week online course focuses on increasing your leadership effectiveness by learning about the powerful tool of Visioning. The material will start you on a journey of practicing visionary leadership….a game-changer for you personally, your agency and potentially the whole world.

Described as one of a leader’s primary functions, Visioning will be taught and practiced in this interactive on-line course, enabling participants to become more comfortable and competent with developing and communicating visions. The course “Visionary Leadership” will cover the essential elements of visioning development and implementation. It will also examine examples of powerful visionaries as well as visions from a variety of organizations. Ultimately, you’ll use the material as a springboard to generate both a personal and workplace vision.

Participants will learn the importance of visioning as a leadership tool. It will answer questions like: “What is a profile of a visionary leader?” “Who were some visionary leaders from conservation’s history?” “What are strategic vision statements?” Through a number of practical guided exercises participants will learn to use visioning as a tool for projects and programs. You will find that what you learn throughout the six weeks has broad applicability, not just at work, but in your personal life as well.

Specific Course Learning Objectives Include:

  • Know the essential components of Visionary Leadership and why each is important.
  • Learn why some visions succeed and others fail
  • Gain experience with the creation, evaluation and implementation of visions
  • Discover the key ingredient to successfully engage, motivate and enlist others to share your vision.