Secrets of Agency Assessment and Development (SAAD-101)

4-week Online Course

Course Fee: $75 (Invoiced to students during the first week of classes)

Required Text: None

Leading change does not mean controlling it or diving headfirst with blinders on! It demands we understand it and know how to assess and adapt to it. By the end of this class you’ll understand key components that need to be considered to address change. Leaders must know how to recognize changes, assess the change and help manage the change. This course is based on works by the Franklin Covey Company, Peter Senge, Edgar Schien and many others that have studied and published on change and organizational systems.

In this course you will review contemporary changes affecting your organization. You will learn how to rise above the everyday work events and gain a “helicopter view” of your organization. You will be given a model for defining the parts of an organization that is all encompassing and applicable to a whole organization, a bureau, or even a work group. In addition you will learn how to fit those parts together for a complete organizational picture, and recognize how those different parts of the organization interact. This course is designed to help you determine how to use the Helicopter Model for addressing root organizational problems and not just symptoms.