Public Involvement in Conservation (PIC-101)

2-hour Webinar

Webinar Fee: $30

Have you ever thought about the value of working more closely with the public as you go about your work? Whose resources are we managing?

Join us as we explore this idea of involving the public in our work in a 2-hour webinar. We’ll examine what it means, why we should consider it and then review some best practices to help us try it out. We will draw on several resources including Bleikers’ Systematic Development of Informed Consent, materials from the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2), a book by James L. Creighton, “The Public Participation Handbook” along with pre-recorded insights from the experience of 2 state experts.

According to Hans Bleiker of the Institute for Participatory Management and Planning, some of our projects will be doomed without public involvement. In today’s world that is a valid and sobering concern. Many state fish and wildlife agencies use public participation techniques in a variety of ways yo to inform, consult, involve, collaborate and/or empower stakeholders. Our two state agency experts will discuss the basics you need to understand and how they applied public involvement techniques to address two different opportunities facing their agencies.

Objectives for this Webinar

  • Understand why public involvement is mission-critical.
  • Learn about the elements that must be present to foster relationships and successful conservation projects.
  • Discover resources and best practices for public involvement.