Power (POW-101)

6-week Online Course

Course Fee: $90 (Invoiced to students during the first week of classes)

Required Text: The Power Principle: Influence with Honor, by Blaine Lee

Power. Some people lust for it, others fear it. Regardless of where you are on this continuum, you need power if you are to achieve your goals. Through the teachings and stories of Blaine Lee, in his book, The Power Principle: Influence with Honor, students will become more familiar with the often misunderstood dynamics of power.  

Through self-reflection, weekly assignments, and classroom discussions, you will become familiar with the types of power, what type of power you are most comfortable using, and the pros and cons of choosing to use certain types of power. You will also come to understand that while the word “power” often carries a negative connotation, power is neither positive nor negative. Rather, it is how you choose to use your power that makes it positive or negative. After this course, students will see power through a different lens.

POWER is a six week course. Each week participants complete reading and written assignments, electronically post to discussion topics, and often engage in lively debate with other students. These challenging exercises and activities help apply lessons learned and, according to former students of other MAT online courses, make it really fun! 

Specific Course Learning Objectives Include: 

  • Understand power as a leadership necessity 
  • Learn a principle-centered approach to enduring power 
  • Be able to recognize types of power in others and yourself 
  • Learn skills for increasing your power 
  • Leverage your power and influence within your world of work