Leader as Communicator (LAC-101)

4-week Online Course

Course Fee: $75 (Invoiced to students during the first week of classes)

Required Text: Say It Right the First Time by Loretta A. Malandro, Ph.D., McGraw Hill Books, 2003.

Over the years while working with state fish and wildlife agencies across the country, the Management Assistance Team has commonly heard “We have a communication problem in our agency!” Improving communication at work may not solve everything but it sure will make things a lot better.

If you think about it, communication is how we get things done in our agencies every day. From staff meetings to public meetings, leaders must have the skill to create clear, persuasive messages.

The MAT course entitled Leader as Communicator will help state fish and wildlife agency participants understand and value communication as a tool of leadership. Students completing this course will have a greater awareness of the role of communication in getting things done. Applying the techniques in this course can help to create a culture of communication in their organization that changes how people talk with one another, develop presentations, gather input, address challenges and make commitments that get results in changing times.

Specific Course Learning Objectives Include:

  • Understand communication as a leadership necessity
  • Learn skills for improving your personal communication ability
  • Explore the role that credibility and values play in effective communication
  • Learn how you can contribute to a culture of communication at work