Different Dialogues (DFD-101)

90 Minute Webinar

Course Fee: None

How much of your time is spent dealing with under-performing employees? Ever dread having to come to work in the morning because you have to have “that” conversation? What are your employees feeling about the work they do; are they accomplishing their goals, are you? What if you gained the skills to have different conversations with your employees and achieved greater outcomes?

Different Dialogues offers supervisors the knowledge and skills required to set the tone for gaining greater results through dialogues with high, middle, and low performing employees. From hire to retire, you can charter a new course in how you communicate with your employees and create a new environment for you, your employees, your division, and agency!


  • State the benefits for different dialogues
    • Individual
    • Team
    • Department
    • Agency
  • Define & Differentiate high-middle-low performers
  • Conduct H.M.L. Performer Conversations