Creative and Critical Thinking (CCT-101)

2-hour Webinar

Webinar Fee: $30

When we surveyed state fish and wildlife agency directors, they told us that one of their top needs was enhanced creative and critical thinking in their employees. These functions are inextricably intertwined – by increasing the creative aspects to our thinking we also enhance our capacity to critically think. And if we’re better critical thinkers then we become more effective problem solvers and decision-makers. To get different results we may need to use different thinking to get there.

This highly interactive webinar is practical, anchored to the participants’ world, and provides cool tools that will get your creative juices flowing. Content includes moving past mental blocks, and distinguishing between bias, inference and fact.

The design of the webinar makes it a fun learning experience. There are assignments, but no textbook. A downloadable workbook will be provided. You will need a computer, internet connection, and a phone.

Specific Course Learning Objectives Include:

  • Build understanding of creative and critical thinking and see how they are critically linked
  • Enhance your own creative and critical thinking
  • Gain an appreciation of the value of these skills
  • Discover what’s in it for you as a leader