Resolving Conflict (RES-101)

4-Week Online Course

Course Fee: $75 (Invoiced to students during the first week of classes)

Whether it is a disagreement between friends and or co-workers, conflict is a constant in our daily lives. How we view conflict and attempt to resolve it determines successful interventions and improved relationships or the escalation and continuance of its root causes. This course will review the stages of conflict, behavioral signs and neuroscience associated with the development of conflict, and provide some proven tools for conflict management.

Objectives for the course are to provide the student with a basic understanding of the nature of conflict and provide useful tools to resolve conflict when it occurs in the workplace and home. This course is priceless to anyone who wishes to be a more effective supervisor, parent or employee.

Conflict is now a four-week online module with greater emphasis on workplace conflict and resolution tactics; thus the name change to Resolving Conflict.