Adaptive Leadership Principles (ALP-101)

4-week Online Course

Course Fee: $75 (Invoiced to students during the first week of classes)

Required Text: O’Malley, E., & Cebula, A. (2015). Your Leadership Edge. Kansas City, KS: Kansas Leadership Center.

This course is based upon the five leadership principles and four leadership core competencies outlined in Kansas Leadership Center’s Your Leadership Edge. During the four weeks of this course, you will learn about, experiment with, and reflect upon these principles and competencies.


  • Observe, explore and diagnose an issue from multiple perspectives
  • Increase self-awareness and the ability to do things differently in order to make progress on vital issues
  • Engage and motivate stakeholders with conflicting perspectives to work together with a shared purpose
  • Intervene purposefully and skillfully to advance adaptive work

This course replaces Adaptive Leadership I.