Program Outline

The CLPS structures its content to enhance performance and develop positive work environments. The CLPS is a rigorous program with each online course requiring 5-10 hours per week. The program’s design for completion from 18 months to 3 years.

Online courses are asynchronous and contain a variety of reading assignments, written assignments, videos, discussion forums, quizzes, and a final exam or paper. Webinars generally run 2 hours in length and meet at a set date and time with active participation by other participants and the facilitator. Select CLPS offerings are eligible for The Wildlife Society’s Certified Wildlife Biologist Renewal/Professional Development Certificate Program contact hours. Participants do not receive college credit for these courses.

It is our belief that great leaders are forged by knowledge, opportunity, experience and self-sacrifice. We also affirm that leadership qualities are available to everyone, and we promote positive leadership development in our organization, community, and every individual. Our facilitators endorse sound leadership principles using the latest adult learning techniques and current training methodologies.

Succession planning reaches all levels in the organization. These classes are intended to be a talent management tool for all leadership, front-line employees can also develop a new set of strategies to ensure fish and wildlife knowledge is not lost through retirement or career change.

The CLPS offers three tracks to meet the variety leadership and skill building needed by state agencies. Each track has its own core studies geared toward the development of competencies for level of professional development desired. The three tracks include:


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Contact Bettina Fiery with questions about the CLPS program.