You’re Worth It! Getting What You Deserve through Negotiation (Face-to-Face Workshop)

Half-Day Workshop

This workshop provides knowledge, skills and practice on how to successfully negotiate on your own behalf in the workplace. It explores why you should negotiate more often and helps you overcome the fear of asking for what you want. It also focuses on strategies for setting and achieving your goals while circumventing conflict through interest-based negotiation that can not only preserve, but even strengthen relationships.

The first section of this workshop explores negotiation and conflict resolution styles will also be explored. A toolbox of negotiation skills will be shared and practiced. Workshop participants will learn by discussing, problem-solving and applying the following skills:

  • Setting ambitious goals
  • Establishing value and justification
  • Using interest-based vs position-based negotiation
  • Assessing alternatives
  • Developing win-win solutions

The workshop culminates with scenario-based negotiation practice, where participants have the opportunity to rehearse and receive constructive feedback on negotiating for their own self-interests in the workplace. Moving from theory to practice, participants apply what they learned and self-advocate in a safe environment for goals such as raises, promotions, schedule flexibility, and career opportunities.

For more information about scheduling a session of this workshop for your agency, please contact Amanda Myers.