Exercising Leadership for Change – Adaptive Leadership (Face-to-Face Workshop)

Half-Day and Full 1-Day Classroom Workshops Available

Our world is changing at an unprecedented pace and is often characterized by turbulence and uncertainty. Organizations need to address tough challenges and adapt to changing circumstances. Adaptive Leadership is about mobilizing people to make gradual and meaningful progress on difficult challenges that have no clear solution. Adaptive Leadership provides a framework to helps individuals adapt and thrive in difficult environments.

Specific Learning Course Objectives Include:

  • Differentiate between authority and leadership.
  • Define the five principles and three competencies of Adaptive Leadership.
  • Differentiate between adaptive and technical challenges.
  • Describe the importance of managing oneself when doing adaptive work.
  • Explain key strategies for diagnosing an adaptive challenge.
  • Identify key strategies for mobilizing people to do the adaptive work.
  • Apply adaptive leadership principles, processes and tools to an adaptive work in the conservation field.

This workshop builds on over thirty years of research at Harvard University by Dr. Ron Heifetz and Marty Linsky and others on Adaptive Leadership theory, training and leadership development.

The half-day version provides an overview of the basic concepts of Adaptive Leadership. The full-day workshop introduces additional Adaptive Leadership tools and provides time for more applied activities.

For more information about scheduling a session of this workshop for your agency, please contact Amanda Myers.