Gina Main

Director of Professional Development – Gina Main has been with the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies’ Management Assistance Team (MAT) for over eleven years and serves as the Director of Leadership and Professional Development for the Association.  She also serves as the Executive Director for the National Conservation Leadership Institute (NCLI). In both roles she is passionate about contributing to the sustainable future of conservation through the development of its people. Gina guides the development of professional development training opportunities for state fish and wildlife member agencies with a strong emphasis on organizational development and change. She is also honored to have helped staff and manage the National Conservation Leadership Institute since its inception. As part of AFWA, she works closely with and staffs the Association’s Leadership and Professional Development Committee, staffs the Blue Ribbon Panel’s Relevancy Working Group, Chairs the President’s Task Force on Adaptive Leadership Initiatives, and serves on the steering committee for the Women in Wildlife Conservation Network. Gina trained at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government on the Art and Practice of Leadership Development, earned a Master’s degree in Strategic Leadership from Mountain State University, a BFA in Communications Arts and Design from Virginia Commonwealth University and is currently completing a certification program for Case-In-Point from the Kansas Leadership Center. When not tethered to her desk she desires to get lost in the sanctuary of nature, meander on a hiking trail beneath a canopy of trees and stars, or uncover some yet undiscovered corner of the world.

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